New Fangled Tomatoes

A new idea I am trying this year is to grow tomatoes in hanging buckets. I’ve taken a 5-gallon bucket and cut a two inch hole in the center of the bottom. I also punch several small holes for drainage. Then I took a tomato plant and gently placed it in the bucket upside down. The plant will be hanging from the bottom of the bucket. I then placed moss around the opening to keep the plant securely in the bucket and then filled the bucket with compost. In the top of the bucket I planted two sweet potatoes. I have the bucket hanging from my clothesline and I water as needed. During the last cold spell we had, I brought the bucket inside to prevent frost damage.

I got this idea after seeing a commerical for a similar planter. The tomato vine grows out the bottom of the bucket and the sweet potatoes grow down the sides of the bucket. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this experiment!


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