The Journals of Barnabas Collins

It is a dance unlike any minuet ever devised.  Josette visited me, and the very sight of her was more intoxicating than I ever imagined.  The human mind’s capacity to deny the horrors of reality may be its last and greatest strength.  I attempted to explain, but who can?  I have, after all, defied the will of nature.  Death is a limit I needn’t brook.  But whilst this might be a choice of which many man would trade entire fortunes, I did not choose it.  She asked me to hold her, and the curse allowed me to enjoy just the faintest essence of her heat before the urge to slaughter and destroy nearly overtook me.  When I attempted to convince her of my change, all the sweet girl saw in me was fear.  Isn’t that what drives all animals?

Love cannot overcome this.  In a matter of days, she will…

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