The Journals of Barnabas Collins

What is Collinsport but the seat of lies?  Generations of Collinses have grown up believing that we were paragons of honor, and that we should lead the denizens by benevolent example.  I have found all of that undone by an island strumpet of the most vacant mask. There is no decision made by me that has been correct, leading me to question my own firmness of mind.  Chaos and falsehoods have become such the rule that I must ask if this has always been the case, and was I merely unaware?

Collinsport, have you been the greatest lie of all?  Have the voices of my ancestors, dating back to Good Issac Collins and beyond, all spoken nothing but that born from caprice and convenience and cowardice?

I know this because I dare not speak the truth of what has transpired, and I now realize this makes me no better than…

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