The Journals of Barnabas Collins

Today was day in my life that I shall never forget.

I have suffered.  I have lost loved ones and taken lives.  I have seem my family, hopes, and highest aspirations come to dust.  I languished, starving, for nearly two centuries.

In all of my wild, caged delusions, never did I dream that there would be a reward.

Miss Margaret Evans is Josette Dupres.  I have fused minds with her and am slowly lifting the illusion that is this world.  Her dress, her delight at her music box, the perfection of seeing the jewel that is she in the setting that is her room?  These are the most sublime confections for the heart I could ever desire.

Life is a relentless struggle of disappointments and frustrations.  But then there are those rare moments of victory, and they are so delicious that we soldier on against untold new battles to seize…

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