The Journals of Barnabas Collins

Young Loomis is right.  Josette need not have died a second time.  But should he sense the slightest remorse instead of domination, I have no way of knowing what he might do.  Yet there is a factor that balances all of this, if not outweighs it.  I have been recruited to deal with that Celtic Cretin once and for all.  (My first instinct is to bellow the words “potato famine” and then strike him as he flees the house.)  After laying the foundation for what I might do (hilarious that he thinks me as criminal as he), I was greeted with news that Young Loomis has seen Sarah.  Dearest, dearest Sarah.  If this is another of Angelique’s traps, my heart will burst.  If it is real, I may suffer the same fate.


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