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Bye, Bye Cicadas


Finally, after almost 3 solid weeks of a 17-year cicada invasion, I’m starting to see signs that the noise is starting to slow down.  The noise level at home has decreased by several decibles over the past few days, and cicada carcasses are littering my yard, driveway, and sidewalk.

I must say, I enjoyed watching and photographing these red-eyed creatures for the first week.  But when the invasion swelled to thousands and thousands in my one-acre garden, I finally threw up my hands and said “enough is enough”.

It has been a chore to work in the gardens because I am constantly bombarded with cicadas swarming around my head.  I know the little buggers won’t hurt me, but their legs feel sticky and I hate having them on my bare skin.

If this years infestation is any indication, I’m afraid 2025 will give us another bumper crop of the illusive 17-year cicada.


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